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We are here for sustainable exercise, healthy and good living.

NexTraining Coach Team

I took one-on-one lessons from NexTraining coaches for about 1.5 years. Now this process continues with online coaching support. I was always a skinny person and my goal was to gain muscle by gaining a healthy weight. As soon as we completed our first month, I started to gain weight and began to gain visible muscle growth. We are still continuing a very nice process together, where I can relieve the stress of corporate life in a great way.

Berk I.

Individual Services

As Nextraining, we believe in the mental and physical integrity of a healthy life. We open the door to a healthy life for you with our training, nutrition and consultancy packages specially prepared for you in line with your goals.

Training Programs

After a detailed preliminary meeting, a training program that best suits your life routine and goals is prepared.

Online Coaching & Training System

It includes 50-minute training sessions performed with the online coaching system or your trainer, depending on the package you choose.

Consulting Meetings

If you are having trouble determining your goal and experiencing confusion, it includes "road map drawing" meetings with your coach.

Corporate Wellness Service


Preliminary interview

We are organizing an introductory meeting to talk about what we can do for your company and your employees and what kind of a road map we can draw.


Goal Planning

Based on our discussions, we prepare the best wellness package for your company's employees. Wellness package varies and is detailed according to your request.



We organize a meeting to share with you the work plan we have prepared in accordance with your demands and forward the offer file to you.

As NexTraining, we care about the mental and physical health of your employees. We can see how staying active and physical integrity in business life is reflected in the motivation of your employees. We provide corporate exercise consultancy with our wellness service for better, happier and more holistic employees.

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